[ubuntu-uk] mythtv

LeeGroups mailgroups at varga.co.uk
Mon Oct 22 16:55:41 BST 2007

> For some time now I have been getting undue hard drive activity at half
> hourly intervals whether my computer is in use or just ticking over. I
> believe that this is due to some search or other carried out by mythtv
> and stops when the mythtv-backend is closed down. In the backend setup
> 'Item 3, Video sources' there is a heading 'Listings grabber' and when
> this is changed from 'Transmitted guide only (EIT)' to 'No grabber' the
> activity stops even though the backend is running. The backend log gives
> a periodic error which says that 'Programme #14336 not found in PAT!' 
> I have rescanned the stations several times but this has not made any
> difference. I do not understand what the error means and, more
> importantly to me, how to put things right because, presumably, I will
> not be kept up to date with the programme listings and consequently
> unable to set to record programmes.
> I have asked on the mythtv lists but, so far, have not had a nibble. All
> positive ideas would be very welcome.
> Norman


The disk activity is Myth scraping the programme listing information 
from the channel the tuner is, err, tuned to, and saving it to the SQL 
It's very clever, but a horrifically intensive process, that takes a lot 
of time and effort on the CPU's part. I tried it and went back to using 
the Radio Times website via the XMLTV scraper.

The backend should always be running to schedule the recordings, 
organise the database, etc. (unless you get clever and do automated 
shutdown/wakeups etc).

Unless there is feed of listing information, which in the UK is either 
from the Freeview EIT feed or from the R.T. via XMLTV, you won't have 
any data and  Myth won't know when to record shows.

Don't worry too much about errors in the logs (mine are full of stuff 
Myth is complaining about but it still runs pretty smoothly) as long as 
there is a few days worth of program listings it'll be fine.


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