[ubuntu-uk] mythtv

norman norman at littletank.org
Mon Oct 22 09:27:21 BST 2007

For some time now I have been getting undue hard drive activity at half
hourly intervals whether my computer is in use or just ticking over. I
believe that this is due to some search or other carried out by mythtv
and stops when the mythtv-backend is closed down. In the backend setup
'Item 3, Video sources' there is a heading 'Listings grabber' and when
this is changed from 'Transmitted guide only (EIT)' to 'No grabber' the
activity stops even though the backend is running. The backend log gives
a periodic error which says that 'Programme #14336 not found in PAT!' 

I have rescanned the stations several times but this has not made any
difference. I do not understand what the error means and, more
importantly to me, how to put things right because, presumably, I will
not be kept up to date with the programme listings and consequently
unable to set to record programmes.

I have asked on the mythtv lists but, so far, have not had a nibble. All
positive ideas would be very welcome.


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