[ubuntu-uk] Press Release Idea: "Free support on selected Tescos PCs from Ubuntu UK"

Chris Rowson christopherrowson at gmail.com
Mon Oct 22 09:00:19 BST 2007

> Well, I have to say, I'd considered that this wasn't really us doing
> anything new beyond what we're already doing...

I was waiting for someone to say that :-D

Consider this folks. PR can be a bit of a insubstantial thing which
might just be telling people about the things that we are already
doing, but telling them in a manner which makes them sit up and take

I think its a great idea. Lets get cracking!

Using the answers support system and perhaps the forums would seem to
me to be the most accessable format to people unused to our community.
I think it'd also be worth putting something like this into the

"... ubuntu-uk will be offering first line support to those who don't
need the full level of support options offered by Canonical Limited."

Just so that we aren't stepping on Canonical's toes.



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