[ubuntu-uk] Ubuntu via Tescos

Rob Beard rob at esdelle.co.uk
Sat Oct 20 17:43:17 BST 2007

Chris Rowson wrote:
>> others will no doubt try and get a 'computer
>> expert' friend to install XP.  I bet there's a fair few people out there
>> though would just see it as a cheap computer.
>> Rob
> You're probably right there :-)
> I will say though, that a few people who's computer's I've sorted out,
> wouldn't know what a 'Windows XP' was, and would probably just use
> whatever they where given. I think if I sold cheapy PCs like this, I'd
> setup Open Office to read/write Microsoft document format as standard.
> That way I reckon quite a few people would just continue using Linux
> without noticing much of a change.

Thats possible?

Ahh, didn't know you could do that in OOo. :-)

I've been asked a couple of times when fixing PCs for work colleagues 
and friends if I could install Windows XP (they seem to be a bit more 
clued up on XP), but I always refuse unless they can give me a legal 
license key, or if they'll give me £58 so I can get a new OEM licence 
for them.  After I say that they're usually happy to give Ubuntu a go at 


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