[ubuntu-uk] Wireless adapter, network-manager, and WPA

Neil Greenwood neil.greenwood.lug at gmail.com
Thu Oct 18 08:49:59 BST 2007

On 17/10/2007, Pete Stean <peteste at googlemail.com> wrote:
> Neil, your problem couldn't be because you're trying to issue commands
> to it in Welsh could it?? Only asking...
> Beth ydy'r Cymraeg am "Computer says no!"?   :)

Mae cyfryfiadur'n dweud 'Na'!

Phonetically, for the non-Welsh speakers:

My cuvRIViadeer n dw-eyed na (short 'a' sound, not like hay).

At least you could tell it was Welsh, Pete.

> > On 17/10/2007, Matthew Larsen <mat.larsen at gmail.com> wrote:
> > > My card is supported by default on Feisty, but there is a lot of
> > > missing functionality. I have a strange problem where I have to go
> > > into the CL everytime I connect to a network:
> > >
> > > 1) Select Network
> > > 2) Connects: but only on IPv6. God knows why.
> > > 3) Fire up console: sudo ifconfig ra1 up
> > > 4) sudo dhclient ra1

I got a bit further by enabling roaming mode and using the applet near
the clock to log on.

The adapter seems to be working, but nothing is routing through that
device. I tried
sudo ifconfig wlan0 up

but that didn't work. I'll try adding an IP address - is it the
address I want assigned to the device, or the address of the gateway
that's needed?

It also keeps asking for the WPA key - I've read that I can use the
key-ring for this, but I can't find the right instructions that do the
trick (I ended up with about 10 wiki pages and 4 forum threads open in
different Firefox windows last night!). Can anyone point me to the
right magic words?


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