[ubuntu-uk] Full Circle Magazine looking for podcasters

Chris Rowson christopherrowson at gmail.com
Sat Oct 13 15:04:02 BST 2007

> Matt over at Penguin Central seems to be the main contender so far, how
> about some of you guys contact Matt and form a 'super-group'? I'm sure
> he'd be glad of some extra help?  :)
> http://ubuntuforums.org/showpost.php?p=3460956&postcount=6
> All the best!
> Ronnie

It looks - from reading the post that you're linking to - like Alan
and Matt have already been discussing this.

Alan - could you feed back to the group where you currently stand with
the Full Circle podcast idea? Do you want/need others from ubuntu-uk
to get on board with Matt and yourself?



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