[ubuntu-uk] How 'Gnu' are you?

John Paul Wallington jpw at pobox.com
Fri Oct 5 17:54:39 BST 2007

andylockran <andy at zrmt.com> writes:

> Well, as it's a friday afternoon, and people are probably looking
> for something to waste their time.. let's all take turns in
> uploading our results.
> Please append your results to the list below:
> andylockran - 15 non-free packages, 1.1% of 1381 installed packages.

laptop - feisty - 16 non-free packages, 0.9% of 1707 installed packages.
server - dapper - 10 non-free packages, 1.1% of 941 installed packages.

RMS doesn't necessarily agree with DFSG, of course.  I don't think he
would have a problem with:

  doc-html-w3 [EBOOK-DEV] Recommendations of the W3 (Pseudo-Package)
  Reason: No modifications or derivatives allowed

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