[ubuntu-uk] Ubuntu Tag Lines?

Greg K Nicholson newsgroups at gkn.me.uk
Thu Oct 4 17:39:14 BST 2007

* “Ubuntu: upgrade your computer twice a year, for free, forever”
* “Ubuntu: makes your computer work properly”
* “Ubuntu: it's your choice, dammit!”
* “Ubuntu: hippies make good software”
* “Ubuntu: commies make good software”

We're probably gonna have to advertise negatively against Windows, 
because most people don't know what an operating system is—they don't 
realise they have a choice:

* “Ubuntu: makes Windows look really, really rubbish”
* “Ubuntu: Don't you just *love* Windows? Yay Microsoft!”
* “Ubuntu: Windows is hopeless”
* “Ubuntu: we actually improve it ever”
* “Ubuntu: *not* made by Microsoft”
* “Ubuntu: better than Windows, like how Firefox was better than IE”

I think comparing Ubuntu to Firefox might be a good tactic (as long as 
Mozilla don't complain too hard). Or we could just plagiarise Mastercard:

* “Upgrading Windows: £100; Upgrading Mac OS X: £89; Upgrading to 
Ubuntu: priceless”
* “Windows: £100; OS X: £89; freedom: priceless (oh, and it's free too)”

Or Magnatune:

* “Ubuntu: we are not evil”

Ooh! How about:

* “Ubuntu: a free man's Mac”

—then we'll get all the Mac zealots saying Ubuntu isn't comparable to OS 
X because it doesn't {foo} and then everyone will like Ubuntu because of 
their utter disdain for precious zealots. (Besides, Apple are always 
making jibes at Microsoft, so they're fair game.)

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