[ubuntu-uk] Phishing and linux

Chris Rowson christopherrowson at gmail.com
Wed Oct 3 11:45:47 BST 2007

> My guess would be: Lots more Linux servers than Windows ones, probably
> lots that don't have system security patches applied[0] and lots and
> lots and lots and lots and lots of PHP code running on them which is
> even less likely to be getting security love :/
> [0] MS are getting very good at annoying people into installing updates.
> Most Linux server installs don't even try to make you install updates.

Don't forget.

Linux is free. Anyone can get a copy of Linux and put a web server up
on the internet, it doesn't cost anything so anyone can have a go.

Windows servers cost a lot of money. On the whole, the only people
putting Windows servers up on the internet are people (who to some
extent) work in IT and are supposed to know what they're doing.

Wouldn't that create some difference in how well the servers are
looked after.....


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