[ubuntu-uk] dual boot

norman norman at littletank.org
Wed Nov 28 15:56:47 GMT 2007

> Forgive me if I am way off on this as I have joined the thread half
> way through.
> From what I understand you have an SATA drive with XP on it and a CD
> drive attached via IDE. And you want to connect a PATA (ide) hard
> drive to the machine to put Ubuntu on as dual boot?

No,it is the other way round, IDE with XP ATA with Ubuntu.
> If that is the case you will probably have to change some of the
> jumpers on the ide devices themselves. You should set the jumpers on
> the hard drive (ide) to master, and the jumpers on the CD drive to
> slave. Then connect the ide hard drove to the first connection on the
> cable and the CD drive to the second connection point.

Which connection do you mean by first, the one nearest the CD drive or
nearest to the mother board?
> When you then boot the machine, enter the BIOS (del, F2 or whatever
> your machine needs) and make sure that the devices are being
> recognised correctly as master and slave. Then proceed with the
> installation as described by others in the thread.

That is what I hope to do.


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