[ubuntu-uk] dual boot

Tom Bamford tom at entrepreneuria.co.uk
Wed Nov 28 17:44:05 GMT 2007

norman wrote:
>> If that is the case you will probably have to change some of the
>> jumpers on the ide devices themselves. You should set the jumpers on
>> the hard drive (ide) to master, and the jumpers on the CD drive to
>> slave. Then connect the ide hard drove to the first connection on the
>> cable and the CD drive to the second connection point.
> Which connection do you mean by first, the one nearest the CD drive or
> nearest to the mother board?

When you are setting your drives by jumper to be master or slave, the 
cabling order has no effect. The first connector is the one at the end, 
furthest away from the end plugged into the motherboard, but this only 
matters when you set your drives to 'cable select' (neither explicit 
master nor slave).


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