[ubuntu-uk] dual boot

Tom Bamford tom at entrepreneuria.co.uk
Wed Nov 28 12:07:28 GMT 2007

norman wrote:
> As promised, here is my report back. The old hard drive was out of the
> machine and waiting to be transplanted into the new one. The side was
> removed from the new box and then, horror upon horrors, where had the
> nice, wide, grey ribbon cable gone? All I could see connected to the
> hard drive was a narrow, red ribbon cable and nowhere to attach another
> drive. Thus, until a new idea strikes the little grey cells, the project
> is on hold. As far as I can see, time has passed me by and perhaps it is
> time for Rip van Winkle to go back to sleep.
> Norman
It sounds like you've got a serial ATA drive, nice but incompatible. Are 
you sure you don't have a spare IDE connector on your motherboard?


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