[ubuntu-uk] Ubuntu-UK geekathon (was Games with a Christmas theme)

Rob Beard rob at esdelle.co.uk
Sat Nov 24 15:50:39 GMT 2007

Dianne Reuby wrote:
> Our Christmas "Challenge Santa" event will be running from 9am to 4pm on
> Saturday 8th December, at the Museum of Computing at Swindon -
> http://www.museum-of-computing.org.uk - all welcome, admission free. :)
> It's probable too late to organise a Christmas "geekathon", but ...
> We've been given the news this week that the University of Bath will be
> closing their Swindon Campus next July - they've been very supportive,
> and we'll miss the place that's been our home since the museum was
> founded over four years ago.
> We've decided to continue the Pong to Playstation exhibition until we're
> more sure what the future holds. So if anyone would like to hold an
> Ubuntu-UK "geekathon", perhaps in the spring, we'd be happy to host.
> We've got a good relationship with the local press and TV, with the
> Science Museum, and with our sponsors Intel, so we should be able to get
> some good publicity for both Ubuntu and the Museum.
> Would anyone be interested in this sort of event?
> Dianne Reuby
> On Sun, 2007-11-11 at 16:32 +0000, Ian Pascoe wrote:
>> What about an Ubuntu UK Xmas geekathon, presuming it is the Swindon
>> site?
>> Silly hats with bells or antlers, with musical socks and ties,  would
>> be de
>> rigure of course!  Certainly beat trying to elbow your way through to
>> your
>> favourite computer shop on a Xmas shopping day.
>> E

Oh yes, definitely.  I'm hoping to visit the museum in December, I'll 
try and make it up on the 8th.  Will we be able to actually play with 
some of the machines?


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