[ubuntu-uk] Netgear Pci Adapter

Rob Beard rob at esdelle.co.uk
Tue Nov 20 23:10:14 GMT 2007

davisjo wrote:
> Hi to the group,
>                       I have written to the group a few times about the 
> Netgear PCI adapter. I worked really hard to install this card with 
> Ubuntu but to no avail. I researched forums, posted questions. I also 
> did a clean install after mixing up the software. The only distro I 
> found that worked with the card and was easy to configure was Mandriva. 
> I am not really keen on Mandriva and went back to Ubuntu. I will use it 
> without the internet.
> Today I found a Wifi USB dongle lying in a draw and thought "why not 
> plug it in" Ubuntu found it and configured it. In a matter of minutes I 
> was on line  and sorting out the email and listening to the Archers.
> With XP the connection was weak, now with the usb dongle signal strength 
> is about 95%
> I am going to download all the repositories later, can you tell I am 
> pleased ?Happy days
> John

That's good.  I have a Netgear USB adaptor which came free with my 
router.  It didn't work on Edgy or Feisty but I thought I'd try it for 
on Gusty just for the sake of it and it worked really well!

I love pleasant surprises like this.  It's great for when my wireless 
occasionally stops working on my Dell laptop.


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