[ubuntu-uk] serious advice

Rob Beard rob at esdelle.co.uk
Thu Nov 15 17:21:52 GMT 2007

norman wrote:
> < snip >
>> I've found that educational games are a mixed bag (I have three 
>> daughters aged 7, 5 and 18 months).  I have one set of educational 
>> programs called something like 'PC Click and Learn'  which is created 
>> using some Macromedia package (not Flash or Shockwave, I think it's 
>> Authorware or something like that).  These programs wouldn't work under 
>> Wine.  I got sound but no graphics.
>> On the other hand I have a Reader Rabbit Keystage CD from about 
>> 1999/2000 and that works well (apart from no music unless I setup Timidity).
>> Would it not be possible to install something like VirtualBox and then 
>> run Windows 98 or XP on top of that, or as mentioned before, dual boot 
>> XP and Ubuntu?
> We will dual boot as the most flexible.
>> Maybe you could give her a few copies of The OpenEducationDisc to give 
>> out to her friends as Christmas presents?  They could all then get to 
>> grips with things like TuxPaint, TuxTyping and TuxMath (actually, I'm 
>> not sure if they're all on there, I've been working on a custom branded 
>> OpenDisc of my own which I'm going to distribute in my local area).
> What a community spirited thing to do and one which I am sure will be
> welcomed.
> Norman

:-) well I can't program very well so I thought it might be a way of 
giving back to the community (and most of the work is done so it's a 
case of adding things and changing a bit of HTML code which I can 
manage).  Even if I only do copies for my kids to give to their friends 
at school and in the street it's a start.


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