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Tue Nov 13 23:08:24 GMT 2007

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> I've noticed recently that more hardware manufacturers are saying if
> their hardware works with linux lately?
> I can think of 3 examples:
> 1GiB pen maxell drive form asda (?7, bargain!) about a week ago. It said
> on the packet, "requires windows 98 or later, mac os (insert an
> irrational number here) or linux 2.4"
> My friend got a new d-link USB wireless gadget, also about a week ago.
> It said on the box that it worked on linux. And work on linux it did.
> My school got a new printer. They left a label on it which boasted all
> of it's "exciting new features". One was "Postscript compatible - runs
> on linux" and it had a picture of tux on it =] The ict staff still
> insisted on plugging it into a windows computer though =[
> Has anyone else noticed this?
> --
> Alec Wright <alecjw at gmail.com>

I noticed a little Tux on the back on my SanDisk flash drive packet
and "Linux" under the system requirements bit.

And of course it does work fine under Linux, except the all the U3
junk they come pre-installed with that is.



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