[ubuntu-uk] memory lane, was: Please can someone look at this and try to help

Andrew Turner lists at blocktype.co.uk
Tue Nov 13 09:13:17 GMT 2007

Paul Tansom wrote:
> I took a lot of stick when the Amstrad CPC464 came out and I bought one
> to replace my Spectrum. I started with a ZX81, then Spectrum, but the
> Amstrad really got me into using computers seriously. Before that it was
> just games and programming. I used the Amstrad with a ROM box loaded
> with wonderful software from Arnor to run a sailing club database and
> print off labels - much easier than a hand bander thing we had been
> using. I upgraded to a CPC6128 to get me through my degree with the aid
> of CP/M with Logo, Supercalc and Borland Turbo Pascal (helpfully copied
> onto 3" disks for my be a local computer store). I also got some work
> done on my car in return for helping out a mechanic friend with his PCW.
> Protext (all hail the best word processor ever written) followed me onto
> my Amiga (mouse, GUI, eeek!) and I used that and DPaint to produce a
> 'brochure' for the IBM lab I was working in at the time. They wanted to
> do one, but when they talked to the in marketing department and looked
> into in house publishing decided it couldn't be done economically. I
> came in the following day with a printout from my Amiga and costings
> from a local printers that changed their minds. What did IBM know about
> getting work done on computers?!
> Then this horrible x86 architecture with DOS and Windows started getting
> popular and took all the fun out of computers. Praise be to Linux,
> without which I would have given up on computers long ago.
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Do you remember Microland in Waterlooville precinct, Paul? And upstairs at
the Baytree Bookshop? Ah, those were the days...

I started out on a BBC Micro. We had the Graphics Extension ROM, as well
as the word processor and Disc Doctor ROMs. I love browsing through
http://www.beebgames.com/ for a trip down memory lane...


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