[ubuntu-uk] Please can someone look at this and try to help............ SATA Hdd Problem.

Tony Arnold tony.arnold at manchester.ac.uk
Mon Nov 12 23:00:18 GMT 2007


Tony Travis wrote:
> Tony Arnold wrote:

>> Altavista came first, I think. It was originally set up by Digital (DEC,
>> now HP via Compaq). I guess it was bought out by someone, but I don't
>> know who.
> Hello, Tony.
> Alive and, patenting at:
> 	http://www.altavista.com/about/
> "AltaVista, a business of Overture Services, Inc., is a leading provider 
> of search services and technology. AltaVista continues to advance 
> Internet search with new technologies and features designed to improve 
> the search experience for consumers. Based in Sunnyvale, Calif., 
> AltaVista has a rich history of innovation embodied in 61 search-related 
> patents"

Thanks. Yes, I found this after I wrote my post. It even acknowledges
Digital as their creator. I also found a reference saying that Altavista
was the first full text indexed search engine on the net in around 1995.
Since I was a DEC user at the time, I used to use them exclusively, but
then DEC sold them (and later got bought out by Compaq and then HP) and
Google came along.

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