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On 10/11/2007, Sean Miller <sean at seanmiller.net> wrote:
> I have not had a lot of issues with processors (am successfully running
> Feisty on a P500 without issues), but memory is important.
> You don't actually give a specification, but I'd say that 256MB was a
> minimum for Gutsy and probably 512MB would be preferable as it will give the
> OS room to breathe... if you are only on 128MB or less then I'd upgrade the
> memory before I upgraded the OS.  Obviously you also need some hard drive
> space... a 10GB partition would probably be the minimum.
> Sean
> It is only 128mb. so I think I'll leave the upgrade....Feisty seems fine.
> Can you tell me why the upgrade manager will only do a partial upgrade?


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