[ubuntu-uk] Why did you all ignore me........................

Sean Miller sean at seanmiller.net
Fri Nov 9 06:23:56 GMT 2007

I used to be able to mount NTFS drives read-only regardless of whether
they'd been shut down correctly... it was only if I manually tried to mount
them read/write that I'd get the improperly shut down error.

In Gutsy the read/write is default... I believe in Feisty it was not, and
this (I think) is almost certainly your issue.  Question - when you mount it
in Feisty Live is it read-only?

I believe that there is a way of resolving the "improperly shutdown" status
on a drive from the command line but I don't personally know the syntax or
the risks involved.  Would be much better to simply mount the drive on a
Windows box and then shut it down normally and see if that resolves it - is
this really not an option?

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