[ubuntu-uk] Why did you all ignore me........................

Rob Beard rob at esdelle.co.uk
Thu Nov 8 10:54:04 GMT 2007

Quoting David Restall - System Administrator <dave at restall.net>:

>> access all the content. However, today I booted up from a Gutsy Live
>> (CD) and although I can still see the drive, it would not mount. It gave
>> me some error about  improper shutdown or it still being in use. Also
>> something about ntfs and a very concise option on how to force mount it
> More snips...
> Because it is seen as 'improper shutdown or it still being in use', I
> would suspect that it is in use rather than improper shutdown.  If it
> was a shutdown problem the live cd would probably give you the same
> message becuase it too would detect the improper shutdown.  This leads
> to the conclusion that the drive must be seen as in use.  Something must
> be trying to mount or access that drive and so stopping it from being
> mounted.  What does your mount command show ?  The drive may already be
> mounted just not where you expect it to be.

I find that on my laptop which dual boots Gutsy and Windows XP, if I  
hibernate Windows XP I'm unable to mount the NTFS partition as it said  
it isn't shutdown correctly.  Sounds like a similar thing.  Is it  
possible to boot the machine in Windows and shut it down correctly?


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