[ubuntu-uk] C/C++ Development

Jai Harrison jai at jaiharrison.com
Thu Nov 1 18:11:56 GMT 2007


Where is the best place to start with C/C++ development from a Linux
(or GTK) perspective? Note that I haven't differentiated between C and
C++. This is because I do not mind which I use. I've been looking on
GNU's website and they feature a manual on glibc (which is a definite
advantage if I use C). Where as C++ has cppreference.com (which I've
been informed is quite out-of-date).

Regardless of which of the two languages I use, I will probably be in
need of some tutorials (please, Linux or GTK based as oppose to a
Windows users' one). I don't yet have the hacker skills that some of
you might so I would be very grateful for a ground-base instead of
just diving into the glibc manual and trying to teach myself.


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