[ubuntu-uk] Web forum software for Ubuntu (Edgy server) - recommendations wanted

Lee Tambiah leetambiah at ossgeeks.co.uk
Thu May 31 17:12:53 BST 2007

> ** Simon Elliott <ubuntu at sionide.net> [2007-05-30 23:08]:
> I also avoid aptitude (or equivalent) installs of web applications
> because they tend to lag behind in terms of patches which I like to keep
> bang up to date with - personal opinion though :)
> --
> Paul Tansom
I'd second that! But lets not put FUD into PHP, it is secure providing it
has been programmed to be secure! Providing you keep upto date you shouldn't
have any major security exploits. I run a wordpress blog which is php based,
and never had any security issues. But I believe my hosters have a lot a
good set up to prevent exploits.


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