[ubuntu-uk] Web forum software for Ubuntu (Edgy server) - recommendations wanted

Paul Tansom paul at aptanet.com
Wed May 30 23:54:56 BST 2007

** Simon Elliott <ubuntu at sionide.net> [2007-05-30 23:08]:
> Mark Harrison wrote:
> >     https://help.ubuntu.com/community/PhpBB2
> >
> > Now working fine....
> >   
> I would mention at this point to make certain you keep up to date with 
> security updates for both PHP itself and phpBB - in the past, there have 
> been many vulnerabilities found in the software allowing attackers to 
> root servers... However, it's brilliant forum software and very simple 
> to extend in your own way if you know a good amount of PHP.
** end quote [Simon Elliott]

Personally I'd go for almost anything that isn't PHPBB. OK, so that is
an over statement, but I am currently looking around for a replacement
(and yes I to hate forums - well, not exactly hate, but find them
useless for my personal purposes). Ideally I'd like something that
avoids PHP since in spite of keeping my machine patched bang up to date
it is responsible for the one and only security breach I've ever had
(only an inert script into the temp directory, but that's still too
far and stilll resulted in a complete system rebuild to be safe).

My reasons for disliking PHPBB boil down to:

o much like Windows (what a comparison) it seems to be a magnet for bad
news, even a little publicised default install will be subject to
increasing spam membership and posting in very short order.

o the default install lacks sufficient tools to manage and/or limit spam
members and spam posts, this shouldn't be left to plugins and patches
that need to be re-applied each time you upgrade imho.

A quick look through options show Simplemachines to be a good option in
technical feature terms, but sadly that falls down on the free as in
speech criteria so I'm hoping to find an alternative. I may revisit
PHPBB, but I doubt it will be reinstalled on my system. PubBB has also
been suggested, but looks to be dead in the water.

I also avoid aptitude (or equivalent) installs of web applications
because they tend to lag behind in terms of patches which I like to keep
bang up to date with - personal opinion though :)

Paul Tansom

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