[ubuntu-uk] Dell Ubuntu pricing revealed...

LeeUKHA mailinglists at varga.co.uk
Sat May 26 15:03:55 BST 2007

>> I just compared a Vista vs. Fiesty Inspiron laptop and the answer is....
>> It's (like for like*) $29 cheaper to buy a Vista laptop and install
>> Fiesty on it yourself...
>> Jeez... only Dell could replace a $40 OS with a free one and make it $69
>> more expensive...  I really despair sometimes....
>> Lee
>> *The headline Ubuntu laptop comes with half the memory and integrated
>> graphics...
> The price is actually less than that for the Vista version - 
> http://arstechnica.com/news.ars/post/20070525-windows-tax-is-50-according-to-dell-linux-pc-pricing.html
> Seems several reports of the price being more with Linux were incorrect.
> Mark - new to list
I went direct to Dell's website, and compared an Inspiron E1505N laptop 
(the Linux version) with an MS E1505.

At first glance, the Linux version is cheaper, until you realise, it's 
only got half the RAM and onboard graphics. Add those to the list and 
it's $29 more expensive than the MS version...

So I'm not sure where "Dell spokeswoman Anne Camden" gets the $50 
cheaper from...

Lee :(

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