[ubuntu-uk] Who writes this stuff - the offical reply [long post]

norman norman at littletank.org
Wed May 23 17:00:28 BST 2007

> Interesting thoughts, I don't agree, but then again, I think that he  
> may be a fan of MS to the point where he will not change.  It is my  
> belief that people who hold the same beliefs as Peter are not the  
> people we should be targeting and trying to convert, it's the ones who  
> have doubts about MS and it's functionality.

Excuse me for butting in but since when has it been our purpose to
convert people. Help, yes; encourage, yes; but convert sounds a bit too
much like the inquisition for me.
> Go for the easy win and quietly build up the client base, then attack  
> with the statistics that x number of users are more at home and more  
> productive with Ubuntu that Vista...

We get no brownie points for introducing folk to Ubuntu so why the need
for attack and win, why the belligerency? I enjoy Ubuntu, I enjoy the
cut and thrust on this group but the rest I am prepared to leave to


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