[ubuntu-uk] Who writes this stuff - the offical reply [long post]

Matthew Macdonald-Wallace matthew at truthisfreedom.org.uk
Wed May 23 17:27:02 BST 2007

Quoting norman <norman at littletank.org>:

>> Interesting thoughts, I don't agree, but then again, I think that he
>> may be a fan of MS to the point where he will not change.  It is my
>> belief that people who hold the same beliefs as Peter are not the
>> people we should be targeting and trying to convert, it's the ones who
>> have doubts about MS and it's functionality.
> Excuse me for butting in but since when has it been our purpose to
> convert people. Help, yes; encourage, yes; but convert sounds a bit too
> much like the inquisition for me.

OK, may be "convert" was a bit strong, maybe I should have used the  
words "open the eyes" instead... ;o)

>> Go for the easy win and quietly build up the client base, then attack
>> with the statistics that x number of users are more at home and more
>> productive with Ubuntu that Vista...
> We get no brownie points for introducing folk to Ubuntu so why the need
> for attack and win, why the belligerency? I enjoy Ubuntu, I enjoy the
> cut and thrust on this group but the rest I am prepared to leave to
> Canonical.

Fair enough. Personally, I feel that Linux is something that we should  
be helping promote. I may not get so called "brownie points" for  
introducing people to Ubuntu, but I do get a lot out of helping people  
discover open-source:

1) The feeling that you've helped someone resolve an issue without  
costing them money

2) The ability to take part in such an active community and learn huge  
amounts about people's viewpoints on why they use this software.

3) The opportunity to meet new people and possible business contacts

4) The chance to spend some of the little free time that I have giving  
something back to the community that has helped me so much over the  
last seven years.

I could probably list a few more things if I thought about it, however  
my main aim with open-source is not to "preach to the choir" as it  
were, but rather help those who need computers to give themselves and  
their families/friends a better start in the digital age where all  
essays and papers from primary-school to doctorates need to be typed up.

Linux and Open Source is not, in my view, about whether to use  
KDE/GNOME/Vi/Emacs/Windows/Linux/etc. but about enabling people to be  
more productive at a lesser financial cost.  That is why I support the  
Linux movement and intend to continue to contribute for many years to  


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