[ubuntu-uk] Who writes this stuff

James Mansion james at mansionfamily.plus.com
Wed May 23 13:12:19 BST 2007

Chris Rowson wrote:
>> Who wrote this? I've not read anything as poorly thought out and badly
>> researched as this in a long time!
> Actually I found out exactly who writes this pro MS anti Linux stuff...
> It's the chairman of the FSB IT committee, who coincidentally develops
> software using - you guessed it - Microsoft based development
> software...
> How on earth can that be an impartial article. As it's linked to from
> the main bloomin' page, thousands of small businesses are seeing
> pro-microsoft propaganda from a certified Microsoft developer!!!!!!!!
> Something needs to be done about that!
> Mr Scargill's personal site is here http://www.scargill.net
> His business site here
> http://www.willowdesign.info/data/default.asp?id=3&loc=willow

The article that you linked to didn't seem particularly 'anti-linux' to 
me, unless you are going to *require* that all articles hype-up Linux 
like a rabid fanboi's idiot rantings.

Is it not acceptable to point out that OOo is not a match for Office - 
but is probably adequate for the many people who use only a small 
fraction of Office's capabilities?  It is, after all, true.

Do you really thinkthat supporting Linux is easy for the non-technical?

Which bits of the article do you think are 'badly researched'?

I use MS dev tools.  And I like them.  I use them by choice, because 
they're 'comfy'.  Does that mean *I* can't have an unbiased view 
either?  I've been developing professionally on Solaris for nearly 20 
years and my use of Linux predates Yggdrassil (which I should probably 
research how to spell, but WTF).  I'm happy to choose which platform I 
use, for what, and when.  Does my choice of Microsoft products for some 
tasks make me an idiot?  Does having written Windows 1 programs (hmm, 
and OS/2 programs) disqualify me?

I really disliked the tone of your message.  I couldn't see obvious 
self-propaganda or personal gain - what do you mean, precisely?

(And if anyone has any use for an original retail Red Hat Linux 5.1 box 
with the CD still in cellophane, let me know.  The carboard isn't 
pristine since its been knocking around on assorted shelves and through 
several moves, but it was never used.  Can't remember why I bought it!)

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