[ubuntu-uk] scanner

Chris Rowson christopherrowson at gmail.com
Mon May 21 20:47:17 BST 2007

It'd be a lot more irritating if you paid for an operating system that
had problems which weren't being fixed....

"Seven weeks ago, when we first reported Vista was causing many
machines to stall indefinitely while deleting, copying and moving
files, we were sure the problem was caused by a bug that would be
fixed relatively quickly. After all, Vista is Microsoft's flagship
product. It's also an operating system. And everyone knows deleting,
copying and moving files are among the most basic tasks any operating
system can set out to do.

Now we don't know what to think. Vista's Long Goodbye, as we've come
to call this bizarre phenomenon, continues unabated. No amount of
diagnosing by the untold number of confounded sysadmins sheds any
light on the problem's cause, and Microsoft has yet to acknowledge its
full extent."


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