[ubuntu-uk] Introductions and Init script bug query

christopher chatfield me at chrischatfield.com
Wed May 16 10:32:33 BST 2007

Hello all, I have just joined the list recently and so am new to the
content and foibles of the group.  I live in Gloucestershire Oooh Aaah,
and have 3 children one of whom is home educated so for the moment I am
a full time educator.  I am trying to set up a small on-line business.

I have NO money (worth mentioning) so the Ubuntu Philosophy is right on
for us.  I guess I owe the Ubuntu community for providing the best Linux
operating system for education on such what can only be described as
altruistic terms.  This is such a good community I wonder whether it
qualifies for charitable status? It may help with fundraising
particularly for any legal challenges.

I have a question about init and sendmail.

It seems that in the default configuration that the init script tries to
load sendmail before the right run level has started as sendmail tries
to write to a filesystem that is read only.

Does anyone know how to edit init script so the correct timing for the
sendmail rc is set?

I believe this is a common bug, where do I send a report, and where can
I look to see if this is already being addressed.

I use sendmail as I have multiple email accounts (for members of the
family and various charities and enterprises) so find sendmail really
helps avoid smtp hastles.

Look forward to your comments.

This is the first time I have made any linux community contact but after
a number of years of linux use feel I can contribute at least to an
ubuntu beginners forum.  Has anyone the address for the best forum of
this kind?

Also has anyone tried offering support in local communities and
businesses for Ubuntu and claimed a fee.  If so how did they market
themseves and work out thier scale of fees.

Really I should have put this in 4 emails.

If this generates a lot of discussion I will reiterate the ideas in
separate threads.

Thanks Chris Chatfield.

Lastly are any of you from the Gloucestershire area or the West Country?

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