[ubuntu-uk] Odd behaviour of system clock

John Levin john at technolalia.org
Wed May 16 01:35:59 BST 2007

I C McNab wrote:
> I recently set up a dual boot system with Fiesty and WinXP on separate 
> drives.  (Previously, I've used various versions of Ubuntu as the only 
> OS on a laptop and a desktop.)  I've just noticed on the dual boot 
> system that when I restart XP after using Ubuntu the system clock 
> appears to have lost an hour.  (I guess it could be resetting to GMT, 
> and losing the BST adjustment.)  The Ubuntu clock is fine.
> Has anyone had a similar experience?  Is there a fix - apart from 
> manually resetting the time (or never using that other OS!)?
> --
> Ian
This is a known problem; Ubuntu presumes your system clock is set to 
UTC; windows presumes it to be local time.
Solution is to tell Ubuntu to take system clock as local time:




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