[ubuntu-uk] Eurovision Song contest internet stream

Dave Walker dave at ubuntuwire.com
Sat May 12 22:53:08 BST 2007

On Sat, 2007-05-12 at 20:53 +0100, LeeUKHA wrote:
> On Windows it would have been a click to download, a double click to run 
> the installer and a click to accept the T&Cs...
> Roll on Gutsy...

There is no reason why this couldn't be wrapped up into a 'double click'
fashion using either debs/rpms or 'autopackage'.

Compare the installation instructions between windows and linux:

This isn't linux's fault - it's octoshape's.  The only differences is
that they have 'packaged' the windows to make it easily installable.

Can't complain too much, as at least they have bothered to make it

Maybe next year Octoshape's plug-in will be in a repository - then it
will be easier to install than any other OS. :)

Kind Regards,
Dave Walker
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