[ubuntu-uk] Using Bzr (Was: www.ubuntu-uk.org)

Dean Sas dean at deansas.org
Wed May 9 20:06:12 BST 2007

Stephen Garton wrote:
> After reading your post (and scanning throught the Bazaar tutorial you
> link to in it), I can see how bzr can be used as a version control
> system for code, but I don't see how it could/would/should be used in
> the manner being discussed in the other thread, i.e. people uploading
> 'british' images for use in the rotating banner.
> Is it similar to using (for example) scp to upload to a remote
> directory, but with revision control? If someone could clarify this, I
> would be most grateful!

Yes. The extra rcs features we get are; keeping the site images with the 
actual website code so if image dimensions change we can still recover 
previous versions and for example if someone uploads an inappropriate 
image we can just do 'bzr revert' to take the directory back to its 
previous state. No doubt there are plenty more good examples too.


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