[ubuntu-uk] Petition the Government for Open Source

Chris Rowson christopherrowson at gmail.com
Wed May 9 15:18:22 BST 2007

I was just browsing through the No 10 E-Petitions website and came
across these two petitions. I signed them and hope you will too ;-)

Please spread them around if you can.


Encourage Greater Use of Open Source in Government

Most government departments are significantly reliant on software from
foreign multinationals such as Microsoft. All of these substantial
licencing costs then generate funds for foreign corporations, taking
money out of our own economy.

If the emphasis is put on using Open Source and locally-developed
solutions, then the IT investment is redirected towards local IT
services employment, benefiting the economy. Existing infrastructure
(such as existing desktop operating systems) would not be replaced
without good reason, but the intended progression would be towards
making less use of foreign commercial software over time.

Stop Teaching Software such as MS Office in Schools, Use Open Office

Taxpayers' money is being used to bolster Microsoft's monopoly
position in the office suite market by teaching children from an early
age only to use Microsoft Word.

This practice also wastes money buying licenses when there are free
office suites available, such as OpenOffice. If schools switched to
using and teaching open source software, more money would be freed up
to pay for teaching staff. Students would also not have to pay for
proprietary software to continue their studies.


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