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Alan Pope alan at popey.com
Wed May 9 09:09:26 BST 2007

FYI. Software Freedom Day are taking registrations.

Are we (Ubuntu-UK loco) going to do something, or should we do stuff at the 
LUG level?

Given it's SFD, not UFD, maybe it's more appropriate to do that with LUGs as 
they are (often) distro-agnostic. Maybe we should all go back to our LUGs 
and ask them if they want to do something.

Last year I went to London with Greater London LUG and we gave out a couple 
of hundred Ubuntu CDs and leaflets. It was a great day and I highly 
encourage others to do similar things.


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Subject: [SFD-discuss] Registrations are open for SFD 2007!

Hi all!

Registrations are open for Software Freedom Day 2007!

Welcome to the planning and preparation for Software Freedom Day 2007. We
have more resources, documentation and goodies for you, and we look forward
to sharing the biggest and best SFD ever with you all!

== Registration ==

The SFD2007 team registration is now open! You'll need to register before
the schwag deadline (31 July) to receive shirts, balloons and stickers to
help your event look spectacular. Teams that register after the schwag
deadline will still be included as official events, but will not receive any

Each team (registered before the schwag deadline) will receive two SFD2007
shirts for free. We will have extra shirts for sale soon, however if your
team has special needs or is in a developing nation, please send us a
special extra tshirts request to info [at] sf-day.org and we will consider more
shirts for your team on a case by case basis. There are limited numbers of
shirts, balloons and stickers, and we will try to make sure teams are as
well equipped as possible.

Teams can find information from the Start Guide including artwork, marketing
information, generic press releases, tips and tricks for running an event
and much more - http://softwarefreedomday.org/StartGuide

Many thanks to Robert Schumann who tirelessy worked on the registration

== Website ==

Firstly, please note that in order to keep the website sane, we have
migrated all 2006 team pages to an archive page. You are completely welcome
to copy and paste from your archived pages to a new page, but you'll need to
create a new team page prior to your team registration.

We've got a new look and feel. Many thanks to Phil Harper who created the
look and feel and Judy Wilson who updated loads of information.

== Team Communications ==

We are currently not running a forum, and encourage you all to post to the
sfd-discuss mailing list for questions, ideas, team announcements and more.
Join the sfd-discuss mailing list at
http://mail.sf-day.org/lists/listinfo/sfd-discuss. All team leaders that
register will be automatically added to the sfd-announce mailing list if
they are not already on it. If enough people request the forum functionality
back again we may enable it.

Ensure your SFD team page is up to date so that people can find and attend
your event. If you choose to have a SFD team page separate from the SFD
website, please ensure you link to it so everyone can find events through
the SFD website.

Make sure you link any press coverage of your event and press releases to

== Competition ==

We will certainly be running a competition again this year, however will be
announcing the competition within the month. Please check out last years
competition for some ideas as this years competition will be very similar.

== Questions? ==

Please post questions to the sfd-discuss mailing list so all teams can learn
from and support each other. For specific or private enquiries, please email
info [at] sf-day [dot] org.


Pia Waugh
Software Freedom International

Software Freedom Day 2007                    http://softwarefreedomday.org/
        "There is no darkness but ignorance." - William Shakespeare

SFD-discuss mailing list
SFD-discuss at sf-day.org

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