[ubuntu-uk] FWD:[[SFD-discuss] Registrations are open for SFD 2007!]

Peter Lewis prlewis at letterboxes.org
Wed May 9 09:24:19 BST 2007

On Wednesday 09 May 2007 09:09:26 Alan Pope wrote:
> FYI. Software Freedom Day are taking registrations.

This looks really interesting. I'm glad that Ubuntu is co-sponsoring it.

> Are we (Ubuntu-UK loco) going to do something, or should we do stuff at the
> LUG level?

I'd be really interested in getting involved with something like this. I'm 
also a (rather inactive) fellow of the FSFE, so might be able to link up with 
them somehow.

But yeah, if it's to be a "real life event" based thing, then local action 
rather than anything national might be a wiser choice.

I have no experience of what this kind of event might look like, but would be 
keen to help out.

I'm based around a university, so it's a shame from my point of view that the 
thing falls just before the start of the new term.

> Given it's SFD, not UFD, maybe it's more appropriate to do that with LUGs
> as they are (often) distro-agnostic. Maybe we should all go back to our
> LUGs and ask them if they want to do something.

> Last year I went to London with Greater London LUG and we gave out a couple
> of hundred Ubuntu CDs and leaflets. It was a great day and I highly
> encourage others to do similar things.

Sounds interesting!


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