[ubuntu-uk] Ubuntu: Too Good to be True?

Josh Blacker jkblacker at gmail.com
Tue May 8 00:58:41 BST 2007

https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WindowsDualBoot is probably the site that
I used most when reading up on dual-booting before embarking on it, but
there are plenty of posts in the ubuntuforums as well (mainly about problems
people had, of course). I found it quick and painless, apart from clearing
up and defragging my hdd from windows prior to install - that probably took
longer than installing ubuntu itself. I recommend about 3 defrags with
hibernation turned off and page files turned off as well, just in case any
files windows thinks are important are floating aroudn the end of the drive.
That said, I was a very hesitant partitioner! Works like a charm though!

Best of luck with it, and if anything goes wrong, well, just ask.


On 5/8/07, Gregory Kirby <Gregory at 1sthome.co.uk> wrote:
> HI all,
> In am getting more confident that I can migrate with a certain level of
> success.
> Especially now that I have found a site showing how to connect to my
> Qtek 9100 running Mobile 5. Brother printer supported. Canon printer,
> scanner, camera and photoprinter may be a challenge. Also Creative web
> cam. Got the Muvo to run ;-).
> I currently have two hard drives. C, (48gb free) has programmes and D
> (60gb free) has data. Fondly referred to as Bill and Ben!
> I will make sure all data is on D. Then install Ubuntu on C. I intend to
> keep the XP operating system so will have the benefit of going back to
> get something I may have overlooked, such as specialised commercial
> software. So a dual boot setup seems the way to go.
> Is there a step by step explanation out there as to the process? Found
> one in a forum which appeared to be quite involved and a further comment
> referred to a 17 hour ordeal! Surely not :-)
> Look forward to any guidance/hints and tips.
> Regards
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> Gregory
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Josh Blacker
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