[ubuntu-uk] Ubuntu: Too Good to be True?

Gregory Kirby Gregory at 1sthome.co.uk
Tue May 8 00:45:01 BST 2007

HI all,

In am getting more confident that I can migrate with a certain level of 

Especially now that I have found a site showing how to connect to my 
Qtek 9100 running Mobile 5. Brother printer supported. Canon printer, 
scanner, camera and photoprinter may be a challenge. Also Creative web 
cam. Got the Muvo to run ;-).

I currently have two hard drives. C, (48gb free) has programmes and D 
(60gb free) has data. Fondly referred to as Bill and Ben!

I will make sure all data is on D. Then install Ubuntu on C. I intend to 
keep the XP operating system so will have the benefit of going back to 
get something I may have overlooked, such as specialised commercial 
software. So a dual boot setup seems the way to go.

Is there a step by step explanation out there as to the process? Found 
one in a forum which appeared to be quite involved and a further comment 
referred to a 17 hour ordeal! Surely not :-)

Look forward to any guidance/hints and tips.



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