[ubuntu-uk] FW: Leaflets

TheVeech theveech at gmail.com
Fri May 4 22:35:55 BST 2007

On Fri, 2007-05-04 at 21:03 +0100, Ian Pascoe wrote:
> OK, we've had lots of ideas and some quite warm debate, and a secret
> need to
> find out about the Veeches mate's girl friend (!) 

You ARE going to get me into trouble!

> but what and where do we
> go from here?  Or is there still plenty to mull over?

More personal experiences in different contexts?  Keep thinking about
the debate, for sure.  Something personal I've noticed recently is that
I've become more focused on freedom issues generally - i.e. beyond
computing, even though I'm a hypocrite since I use restricted formats.

But it's different experiences openly stated and willingly accepted for
peer review where I think we can learn a lot, as well as some science,
to add to the enthusiastic views of a small number of people.  My
earlier post, for example, was just applying knowledge to Linux that's
been around elsewhere for decades.

One of the strengths of this list, unlike a lot of forums, is that
contradictory views are almost always welcomed and seen as a
contribution rather than a slight.  That means that the debates are
often of a higher quality because people don't default to ego wars,
territoriality is at a minimum, and it seems that people at least try to
find answers that contribute something constructive.

I think that the more we all hear from new people from different
backgrounds, the bigger the stock of knowledge and interpretations we'll
have available to consult.

So, yes, I think there's plenty to mull over.  But we need to hear from
new people, too!

BTW: Welcome!  Just don't try to get me into trouble :o

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