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Not sure which thread to put this into but ....  BBC 2's Working Lunch has
done to my knowledge at least three shorts on Open Source in general for a
commercial organisation, school  and a what is it?

I don't know about the usage of the clips or quoting BBC but in addition to
what Mark was saying earlier I'd also suggest that if as part of the screen
casts or leaflets you can add the creditability of a respected institution
like the BBC, it gives the message just that little extra punch.

It is interesting to see what people's views are on how to market Ubuntu /
Open Source as the Malvern LUG are just about to start on that slippery
slope in the local area.

To an aside, as there appears to be people belonging to various LUGs on the
list, and I know it's not proper here, but how about setting up a central
repository on the main LUG site for all these leaflets we've done in the
past?  Stop re-inventing the wheel type of thing.


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On Wed, May 02, 2007 at 12:50:57PM +0100, TheVeech wrote:
> About the medium, how about also getting a bunch of us to spend some
> quality time collaborating on a series of screencasts, then distributing
> them on video sites, via bittorrent and even on CDs to be handed out to
> the public?

An entirely different subject I would like to takle separately from

Before distribution the first step is making them. The biggest stumbler I
have had is getting people to actually make them :(

We've shifted a ridiculous amount of traffic from the screencasts site, I
mean really, quite mental amounts. But we have had very few people
contributing screencasts to us. If anyone can suggest ways to improve this,
please let me know!


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