[ubuntu-uk] Loading Fiesty into Mac mini

TheVeech theveech at gmail.com
Wed May 2 11:07:13 BST 2007

On Wed, 2007-05-02 at 09:39 +0100, Robin Menneer wrote:

>         >  grrr...in order to release the old one for Fiesty and me
>         grrr...  As
>         > the only applications she uses are iphoto (which should come
>         ready
>         > loaded) and  Neooffice J (note the  J, and is no longer
>         available on 
>         > the web), this should be a doddle (famous last words ?).
>         I've got to make the case: if that's all she uses, why are you
>         surrendering all that machine for two measly apps?
>         >   She is already using copies of Neooffice J because the
>         copy she 
>         > currently uses every so often throws a wobbly and she goes
>         to a backup
>         > (& again & again).  Then  we can clean the Apple Mac rubbish
>         off the
>         > HDD and replace with magnificant Ubuntu and its superb
>         allied 
>         > software. I need help in deciding how this new 160gb HD fits
>         in,
>         > please.  I think that you may still require details of my
>         hardware.
>         160gb?!?  That's the first I've heard of a 160gb HDD.  Where
>         has it got 
>         to fit in?
> It's frreestanding, self-powered from the USB and runs at 5400 rpm.
> It is about 4" square and about  a half inch deep,  Simple plug and
> play interface with mac, and ought to be the same for Ubuntu.  

Right, I only had time to scan your post last night (and I'll be offline
for much of today).  The 160gb WD Passport is the same one I've got
(make sure you get a pouch for it - it scratches easily).  If you're
desktop-bound and don't have to transfer data between machines in
different locations, I'd have recommended for an external drive the WD
My Book 500GB USB (not much difference in cost), but, IMHO, the WD
Passport is a great piece of kit, especially for laptops and people who
have to be mobile.

What I'm preparing to do is install Ubuntu on the internal HDD of the
machine.  If you agree to this, forget all about pendrives and external
HDDs for now.  The priority's to get that machine working.

The WD Passport you might as well use as a backup device and to shift
data between machines.  Just plug it into the Feisty machine and it
should load (mount) straight away.  To unload (unmount), I have to input
in Terminal:

sudo umount /dev/sdb1

If the Passport isn't recognised here, type

sudo fdisk -l

and see what device it's called, then change the 'sdb1' bit to whatever
it is.

(there's probably a better fix for this, but I haven't had time to look
for it yet).

If you really want to, I'm pretty sure you could install a distro on the
Passport another time, though.

>         And yes, post whatever details you can.  Might be an idea to
>         ask in a
>         Mac forum, or on the Ubuntu Mac one for how to do this (output
>         the 
>         hardware details).
>         Hardware information
> 1.42 GHz PowerPB G4 (1.2),  
> 512 mb DDR SDRAM
> Machine model Powermac 10.1
> cache 512 kb
> memory 512 mb
> Boot ROM version 4.8.914
> Disc burner MATSHITA CD RW CW- 8124  Cache 2048 kb 
> Display resolution 1152 x 864 @ 75 Hz - ATI Radeon 9200
> Printer driver 2.68


> >   What do you want and where do I find it ?  Currently my Ububtu
>         > machine can't print via the Epsom Stylus Photo RX640
>         although the mac
>         > mini does ok - the disc that came with the printer had
>         apparently not
>         > heard of Linux.

Disks that come with hardware are almost always useless for Linux, since
they're usually designed for Windows and Mac users.

>         Let's see if we can get it to work then. 
>         Connect the printer to the Ubuntu machine and switch it on.
>         System > Administration > Printing
>         Double click 'New Printer'
>         and go through the wizard.
>         If a model is listed that isn't the exact one, don't fret.  It
>         should 
>         still work, if my experience of Epsom's is anything to go by.
> I tried this friendly approach some while age on the compact laptop
> wiwthout success.  We'll have to have another attempt when the rest is
> loaded on the mac mine.  

No we won't!!!  We're getting a system up and running, with a net
connection, then it's time for you to consult the net!  I'll be there,
too (on this list), so if there's something I can help with, I will, but
the specific job is to get the machine functioning enough to let you get
out there and find the answers here and elsewhere.  I've only got one
set of eyeballs (and they're limited by time, too).  The greater the
number of people who can see whatever the issue is, specific to your
needs and that machine, the better.

There's still the problem that further down the line you might have
issues with this non-Intel Mac, seeing as though official support has
apparently been withdrawn, but I can appreciate the issues involved.  I
got someone a PC last week and thought about installing Linux on it, but
spoke with the people and just left them with Vista (shock horror!).  It
was their new, twinky machine, and they wanted to use what they'd paid
for on it.

I suspect there's a bit of this involved with your new machine.  And why
not.  It's your machine and it doesn't hurt to try out alternatives,
especially when that alternative's already set up and ready to go.

>         Ever thought of a laser printer?  I'd never, ever, EVER go
>         back to
>         inkjets.
> Yes, but currently beyond ouir pocket for a good colour job.

Why colour?  Monochrome is more cost-effective and there's some good
machines out there that won't break the bank (not least because, with
moderate use, the consumables last forever!).  I'd only use colour
inkjets for 6" x 4" photo printers (but then again I had one of these,
used it a few times, and didn't use it again.

>         Gotta go.  Big game tonight.
>         Hope you enjoyed your match.

Superb!  Fingers crossed that tonight's game will provide the dream

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