[ubuntu-uk] least connections ipvs lvs

Pete Ryland pdr at pdr.cx
Tue Mar 27 01:17:31 BST 2007

On 27/03/07, xx xx <garciaj at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi mates does anyone try to loadbalance some stuff wit ipvs ? there is no to
> much info on the web but i know it support a bunch of algorythms for
> loadbalancing.
> I was using pools{} on openbsd but it does only support roundrobin.

The Linux Virtual Server website has some very good information on it:


The howto is here:


You could also use something like Ultramonkey:


I saw an amazing demo of Ultramonkey a few years ago at VA-J where
there was a server streaming video content to a laptop with buffering
turned off.  The server had the plug pulled and it seamlessly failed
over to its twin without even a glitch on the client side.

LVS is very mature now compared to its humble hearbeat/fake beginnings
almost ten years ago.


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