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Dean Sas dean at deansas.org
Fri Mar 23 11:29:58 GMT 2007

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Paul Tansom wrote:
> OK, this isn't strictly on topic for a Ubuntu forum, but since there has
> been a good discussion related I thought I might get some good answers
> here. It will probably be considered an odd request given my last post
> relating to fora!
> Anyway, what forum software do people recommend? I have been running a
> PHPBB based forum, but it needs to be rebuilt on a new server and I'd
> like to consider the options. Ideally it would be Perl based rather than
> PHP, or maybe Python, but I'm not set on any language if the end result
> is good. Another requirement, on the main reason for posting here, is
> that I'd like to include a gateway to a mailing list, such that posts
> via either method get onto the opposing format. Oh, and import of PHPBB
> data would be helpful too :)

Maybe bbpress is worth a look. It is free software, though written in
PHP. Made by the same people who developed wordpress. It is designed to
be a forum for product support as far as I remember. Never really used
it besides using the wordpress forums.

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