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Nik Butler nik at reducedhackers.com
Mon Mar 19 22:04:00 GMT 2007

In regards to the Forums Vs Mail List Vs IRC vs Wiki

Every form of communication and expression we have at our disposal
should be utilised in as much or as little an framework as possible. It
is hard to determine the vectors into which a new member or interested
user might become integrated into the community and therefore not easy
to set a preferred mandate for that communication.

This particular thread has been created multiple times and goes to
demonstrate the issues both forum and mail list which all new and
prospective contributors face and it is therefore a shame that it is a
potentially volatile one.

The community manager has in the past expressed  a desire to go for the
low hanging and easy to gather fruits and I suspect that this requires a
more inclusive and open framework for people to take part in the Ubuntu
community especially within the UK.

To this end a few Ubuntu UK members are evaluating and testing , on
separate lists and forum areas, integration of mail to forum and vice a
versa. When testing is completed and only if the results are
satisfactory will we discuss the relevance of integration between the
two mediums. If you do have any questions  or concerns  I would ask that
you direct them to me, clearly marked in the subject line, and I will,
if appropriate,  add them to the testing prerogatives for the
evaluation. Needless to say if the results are a big scary hairy mess we
will post this somewhere useful and leave it in a FAQ of some variety
for developers to resolve in the future.

Thanks again for your time and for reading this .

Nik Butler

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