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Johnathon Tinsley Kirrus at kirrus.co.uk
Mon Mar 19 12:17:19 GMT 2007

> Hey there - thanks for the welcome ;-)
> I'd tend to agree with you. It'd be great if the mailing list stuff
> could get shunted to a forum too. I know a couple of LUG's that do
> that.
> I suppose it's all pretty dependent on who you want to attract to a

Personally, I find email lists annoying. I get so many emails, status
alerts, web-design mailing list etc already, I really don't need
anymore. I prefer Forums, if just because I'm much more at home in them.
If I want to know when someone has replied, I'll use the reply
notification. It means, I only get emails on subjects I'm interested
in/can help with, whereas there is quite a lot of traffic on this list
that doesn't concern me, which has me hitting the delete key quite a
lot, even with the list in digest mode. 

A forum/list gateway would be good. I guess the real question to ask
now, is will it ever happen?

Also, some of the rules of mailing lists elude me still. Can someone
tell me what "top posting" is, and what I need to do?


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