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Martin Fitzpatrick martin.fitzpatrick at gmail.com
Mon Mar 19 14:12:11 GMT 2007

This is top posting.

On 19/03/07, Johnathon Tinsley <Kirrus at kirrus.co.uk> wrote:
> Also, some of the rules of mailing lists elude me still. Can someone tell me
> what "top posting" is, and what I need to do?

Whereas this (which is what you did) isn't.

It can get a bit annoying if everyone top posts vs. replying
underneath & cutting out the quoted bits that aren't neccessary (like
how I chopped out everything from your mail that I wasn't replying
to).  Emails get larger and larger and if you receive digests you get
multiple copies of the same thing in an enormous email.  Some people
care, some people don't... like most manners :)

That's all there is to it really.


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