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Kirrus kirrus at kirrus.co.uk
Sun Mar 11 12:18:14 GMT 2007


I'm a newbie onto this list.. thought I might as well say a bit about
me. I'm a trainee web designer in Wales. My Primary home and work O.S.
is Ubuntu. I switched to Ubuntu in summer last year, and haven't looked
back. (Apart from running Guild Wars & Starcraft :) on windoze.) I run a
startek pbem rpg in my spare time, along with trying to keep my blog up
to date. (I will redesign the look when I get round to it...)

A quick question, do you have a forum? I ask, because I spend most of my
time on forums, and find email lists annoying, as I have enough emails
coming in anyway, I have to set them into digest mode, Which limits
their effectiveness. 



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