[ubuntu-uk] Dell & Ubuntu - gradually looking more hopeful

LeeUKHA mailinglists at varga.co.uk
Sat Jun 30 21:11:45 BST 2007

>> Why not just buy the laptop, then refuse the license and get your
>> money back?
Have you actually tried that?  I did... HP told me to return the 
laptop... LOL...

As for compatibility, just check google, I did, it said my HP510 work 
with Ubuntu fine, apart from the touch pad, wifi and graphics 
resolution, but gave a set of instructions to fix these problems, just a 
few lines each.

So I ordered one... by the time I got it a week later, the first update 
off the web I did (with a wired lan connection and a usb mouse) fixed 
the touch pad and the wifi by itself. The 'apt-get install 
resolution915' realised the problem by itself and changed the screen 
resolution automatically (instead of the documented fix of an edited 
conf file).

Even the graphics drivers work to the point that the Desktop special 
Effects can be turned on and they just work...

The laptop is just superb, and with XP out of the way, I'm grinning like 
a loon... :)

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