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Matthew Larsen mat.larsen at gmail.com
Tue Jun 19 10:25:00 BST 2007

hi norman,

Sorry to hear you feel we are ignoring you and your loss of interest
in the project. I did read your original post and would have responded
to any questions raised. I would imagine there were not many responses
because most of the points in your comment had already been addressed
earlier in the discussion (such as not mentioning linux, it being
similar to windows, lots of free software etc).


Thanks for feedback, the versions I have made are a prototype for the
graphics on it, anything is subject to change :) (feel free to
download the source file and fiddle with it) The idea of bundling the
install instructions is to dispell a lot of myths and FUD put out
about wrecking your computer. I'm not so sure about splitting up the
install into another leaflet, I would imagine people in general would
prefer one leaflet as opposed to 2 (you might lose it, bin it by
accident, not be bothered to read it etc). I agree more information
needs to go on about FOSS and free software

I will be working on another version of the leaflet later today


On 19/06/07, norman <norman at littletank.org> wrote:
> < big snip >
> As no one seems inclined to react to my comments I will respond to
> myself. As one of the longest users of Ubuntu in this group I am curious
> to know why there is all this activity in wanting to produce a leaflet.
> Is there anyone prepared to answer a few questions? If so, now is your
> chance.
> Is there a real desire to promote the use of Ubuntu and, if so, why?
> Who do you expect to be interested enough to even give Ubuntu a try?
> What is your personal motive in all this activity to produce a leaflet?
> How, why and when did you start using Ubuntu and which operating system
> were you using before conversion?
> What makes you believe that your knowledge and experience qualifies you
> to produce a leaflet?
> There is no compulsion, of course, for you to respond to the above and I
> shall not feel hurt if you don't. Unless there is a good reason for me
> to say more I am now finished with the subject. The best of luck and
> stick with it if it makes you feel good.
> Norman
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