[ubuntu-uk] Leaflets

Nik Butler nik at reducedhackers.com
Tue Jun 19 10:33:29 BST 2007

Hello Norman,

I have been lurking and watching the creation of the leaflet I lack the 
Creative and Artistic design to produce something of quality such as 
this but since theyve not created  or said anything wildly irritating or 
abusive or just outright rude I stayed queit, sometimes in open source 
this is also the best thing you can do. However since you ask

> Is there a real desire to promote the use of Ubuntu and, if so, why?
Because we need to ensure that the society of today and the computer 
users of the future have access to free and OPEN tools and utilities and 
operating systems that enable people to use the technology they 
purchased to achieve the goals they set for themselves. We need to have 
a computer system which frees potential in its audience to learn from 
each other and developers and community members about what it means to 
contribute in a positive and informative way within society, it is 
Ubuntu for a reason.

> Who do you expect to be interested enough to even give Ubuntu a try?
Anyone who has ever had a itch to experience a differnce in their own 
expectations and experience of computing, information technology and 
networking. Since Ubuntu like many OSS products provide the freedom for 
people to go as far as they wish with their experiences in IT.
> What is your personal motive in all this activity to produce a leaflet?
Because I am 37, I remember a time when the UK was a power house of 
cottage industries leading the way in programming and development in the 
computer industry. its been handed over now to a elite and discreet few 
who are determined to levy a tax on all who want to join. OSS has 
enabled many many people to grow and produce ideas for themselves , for 
example lets see Google, Ebay, and our own Mr Shuttleworth.

> How, why and when did you start using Ubuntu and which operating system
> were you using before conversion?
Since the first time it appeared as a ISO to download and no I cannot 
remember when that was but then again I discover that i was installing 
slackware on my pc back in 97 and 96 I have used to date, slackware, 
redhat, mandrake,debian and now Ubuntu. There have been more impressive 
developments and creations across those platforms than I have ever seen 
from Windows 3.1 to Vista.

> What makes you believe that your knowledge and experience qualifies you
> to produce a leaflet?
Well first, all my clients of the last 8 years tell me that my 
experience and knowledge in the IT industry is invaluable to them. They 
find having access to my opinions and thoughts to be a financial benefit 
to their own business descisions, but for more see my linkedIn profile 
http://www.linkedin.com/in/nicholasbutler. I went Self Employed near on 
8 years ago with the view to promote and encourage the use of OSS within 
a SME to date I have 3 clients ( out of my 25 core clients and 40 in my 
client network ) who are using Ubuntu on the desktop which has proven a 
terrible thing for me ? Do you know why ? Theyve stopped calling for 
support , things are just working. If I carry on like this I am going to 
have to move to being a software developer, maybe in something like 
Ubuntu ( and there in I am recursive in my answer ) .

Ive contributed nothing to the leaflet project , why ? well because 
sometimes a project can be killed for to much discussion and Chris 
Rowson and others have been moving it along so well that it doesnt need 
a "blessing" or a comment from me to promote it further but its a great 
example of what OSS can enable people to achieve within the community.

Thanks for reading

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